Baptism in Andros - A true fairytale

Baptism in Andros, an excellent choice for parents who want to make their child's baptism, unforgettable. If you are looking for the right place for your child's baptism, Andros is a perfect choice. More and more families are choosing to have their child's baptism in Andros in recent years. The beautiful landscapes and the sea are just some of the reasons.

Baptism in Andros

What makes it special?

Baptism on an island is characterized by the sea and the picturesque landscapes. The beauty of Andros makes it the best setting for magical photographs that will accompany you forever. On the other hand, the romantic sunset and the mountains are an attraction for many couples from all over the world.

Andros, of course, is also very close to Athens. It is just two hours away from the port of Rafina and that is why it is a very good choice. The combination of the location and its beauty make Andros truly unique. Its stately Cycladic aura, "Little England" as they call it, will astonish you. Its romantic yet wild element will enchant you. The dream baptism you've always wanted will become a reality in Andros.

"Andros is full of wonderful little churches and their beauty will leave you speechless ..."

Famous churches

Andros is famous for its numerous small chapels. You can find churches in Chora, in mountains, springs and seas, wherever you can imagine. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Panagia Palatiani and the Metropolitan Church of Saint George, are small architectural wonders of Orthodoxy. Also, Panagia Theoskepasti is the patron saint of the island and perhaps the most important church.

Other picturesque chapels and monasteries are those of Agia Thalassini, Agia Moni, Agios Kyprianos, Agia Fotini Ipsilou, Agia Faneromeni Kapparia, Agia Ekaterini in Korthi, Panagia Pano Kastro, St. George in Ano Korthi, St. Sophia in Achla, Panagia Tromarchiani Piso Meria, the monasteries of St. Marina, and Panachrantou.

"Andros sweets they will surely make your child's baptism even sweeter ..."

Baptism in Andros, a gastronomic experience

Andros is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its delicious cuisine, which will make your child's baptism even greater. Froutalia must be Andros's most famous dish. Very popular is also labriatis, with lamb or goat. In various parts of Andros, they also make delicious vegetarian meatballs and potato meatballs, as well as wonderful roosters with spaghetti.

A baptism in Andros without sweets is not a true baptism. The island has to show off its very tasty and famous almond sweets with flower water, but also its wonderful nougatines. Almond sweets are a tradition in Andros. Finally, stuffed kaltsounia, pastisakia (a kind of biscuit with almonds), sesame pastels and spoon sweets will make your child's baptism even sweeter.

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